BSBCUE203 – Conduct Customer Engagement

BSBCUE203 – Conduct Customer Engagement


This unit standard, BSBCUE203 Conduct Customer Engagement, describes the performance outcomes, skills, and knowledge required to respond effectively to customer contact. Competence in this unit requires responding to a wide range of customer enquiries and contacts over a variety of communication methods. Compliance with organisational, legislative, and regulatory requirements is required, as is the ability to respond in a manner that meets both customer and business needs. This unit applies in customer contact environments where a variety of communication channels and technologies are used, and contact is inbound or outbound.

This course is broken up into 4 elements. They are:

  1. Prepare for Customer Engagement
  2. Provide Quality Service in Response to Customer Queries
  3. Arrange Provision of Product or Service
  4. Respond to Customer Enquiries

There are activities throughout this unit. These require the Learners to think about their experience or reactions, or to try and complete some research through reading or accessing the Internet. The activities will also help Learners towards completing the Assessment Task by assisting them to think about issues involved in the Assessment Tasks.

Learners will then be asked to complete an Assessment Pack for this unit of competency. The information contained in this unit will assist them. These tasks can be completed as they work through the unit, rather than leaving it all to be completed at the end of their study.

Finally, at the end of this content, you will find a list of useful resources that you may use for further information. You will need to have access to the internet. Throughout the text, there are references to websites for further information and for some activities.

Contact is made with a customer to provide service. Customer service is the service you provide before, after, and during your contact with the customer. Since it is the basis for customer service, it is crucial that you create the best possible impression and provide the best communication. This unit standard will help you with ideas to be the best you can in making customer contact.