BSBWOR203 – Work Effectively with Others

BSBWOR203 – Work Effectively with Others



This unit of competency is all about working effectively with others. It covers the skills and knowledge required to work in a group environment such as promoting team commitment, cooperation, and support for team members. It will help you with the skills you need to demonstrate competency for the unit BSBWOR203 Work Effectively with Others.

This manual is broken up into 3 Elements. They are:

1. Develop effective workplace relationships – First we will examine processes involved with establishing positive relationships with your workmates, and how this can make your working life more effective

2. Contribute to workgroup activities – Then, you will learn how to make a positive contribution to your workgroup, and how to assist in improving its effectiveness

3. Deal effectively with issues, problems, and conflict – Here we will examine constructive methods for dealing with conflict.

There are activities throughout this unit. These require the Learners to think about their experience or reactions, or to try and complete some research through reading or accessing the Internet. The activities will also help Learners towards completing the Assessment Task by assisting them to think about issues involved in the Assessment Tasks.

Learners will then be asked to complete an Assessment Pack for this unit of competency. The information contained in this unit will assist them. These tasks can be completed as they work through the unit, rather than leaving it all to be completed at the end of their study.

Finally, at the end of this workbook you will find a list of useful resources that you may use for further information. You will need to have access to the Internet. Throughout the text, there are references to websites for further information and for some activities.