CPPCLO3003 – Clean using safe work practices Copy

CPPCLO3003 – Clean using safe work practices Copy


CPPCLO3003 – Clean using safe work practices

This unit of competency specifies the outcomes required to undertake cleaning tasks safely and according to company health and safety policies and procedures and legislative requirements. The unit covers assessing the work environment for hazards and ensuring risks are controlled; checking and maintaining equipment and materials, including storing and handling hazardous chemicals; safely handling equipment; and following required processes in the event of a health and safety incident in the workplace.

The unit supports cleaners who work alone or in teams. It applies in a range of commercial and residential work sites.

This unit is broken up into four elements. They are:

  1. Plan and prepare to work
  2. Apply safe work practices to cleaning tasks
  3. Participate in workplace health and safety initiatives
  4. Finalise cleaning tasks

At the conclusion of this training you will be asked to complete an Assessment .The information contained in this unit will assist you to complete this task.