BSBMGT402 – Implement Operational Plan Copy

BSBMGT402 – Implement Operational Plan Copy



This unit of competency is all about being able to implement an operational plan in your workplace. It will help you with the skills you need to demonstrate competency for the unit BSBMGT402 Implement Operational Plan.

This manual is broken up into three Elements. They are:

1. Implement operational plan: First, we will examine how to go about establishing and implementing an operational plan – ensuring you have set a plan that can be executed easily.

2. Implement resource acquisition: Then we will examine how you go about purchasing resources and selecting staff to be involved in your operational plan.

3. Monitor operational performance: In the final section we will examine how you can monitor the performance of your plan and ensure that it is reaching the objectives that you established.

At the conclusion of this training you will be asked to complete an assessment pack for this unit of competency. The information contained in this resource will assist you to complete this task.

On conclusion of this unit of competency, you will have demonstrated your ability to implement the operational plan by monitoring and adjusting operational performance, producing short-term plans for the department/section, planning and acquiring resources and providing reports on performance as required