Work Placement Preferences Copy

Work Placement Preferences Copy


The Work Placement Journey

Now that you are nearing the end of your 1st semester of study, it is time to prepare for your industry work placement.

Let’s start by providing a more detailed overview of the steps required and work together to build a profile for a possible host employer.

Welcome to your work placement journey.

The following information is to guide you in the work placement process and give an understanding of what is expected, and by when.

1. Prepare for work placement

○ During your online studies with Key Institute, you will be contacted by our friendly work placement coordinators. You will be guided in developing your resume and completing a short questionnaire to better support you in finding a great host employer.

○ Before completing the work placement, you will need to have completed all of your assessments to a satisfactory standard.

2. Initial phone interview

○ Once you are prepared for work placement, the work placement coordinator will contact you to complete a pre-screening verbal questionnaire. The purpose of the questionnaire is to determine your commitment to the work placement, identify appropriate host employers, and discuss your capabilities (ability to complete the determined hours/activities).

3. Sourcing the work placement

○ Key Institute’s work placement coordinator will team up with you to contact possible host employers and arrange an initial interview.

4. Vocational Placement Agreement

○ Once a host has been secured, and you are committed to commencing, a Vocational Placement Agreement should be completed between all three parties (the RTO, the host, and the student).

○ The agreement must be completed before a student commences any hours towards the work placement. Work placement will not be counted unless this agreement is completed.

5. Completing the placement

○ You must complete your logbook of hours to document your work placement, complete with your supervisor the observation of demonstrable skills, and complete the assessment activities in the work placement workbook (specific to your qualification).

○ You must complete all aspects of the logbook, the demonstrable skills, and the workbook before the end date of the agreement and submit to Key Institute for assessment.

○ If you have any doubts that you will not be able to complete any of the above while you are doing work placement, you must inform Key Institute before or during your work placement so alternative arrangements can be made.

During placement, Key Institute will contact you at specific stages:

1. Before commencement of the work placement.

2. The day of the work placement.

3. Before the work placement ends.

4. After the work placement ends.

Vocational Placement Agreement

The Vocational Placement Agreement is a contract between the student, the host employer, and the registered training organisation (RTO). You will need to read, sign and submit the agreement before work placement commences.