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National Skill Sets

Students and employment consultants just love our nationally recognised skill sets courses. Spanning 4, 6, or 8 weeks, these courses are defined as full-time, perfect for meeting activity requirements. Open up a world of possibilities. Students, boost your employability with industry-specific skills. Consultants, empower your clients with competitive edge.


The following Business qualifications will assist you to develop the skills for employment in business administration and office support roles. Once completed, you will learn to process payroll, word processed documents and spreadsheets, write simple documents, provide customer service, organise schedules, and create electronic presentations.

BSB30120 Certificate III in Business
BSB40120 Certificate IV in Business

Business (Administration)

If you work as a business support person, this is the ideal course to bring you up to speed with the latest business and computing skills. It will help you become more efficient in your day-to-day operations and improve your confidence in dealing with business regulations. It is equally useful if you are already working in an office, but need an update with your business technology, writing, communication or computerised accounting skills.

Business (Customer Engagement)

By completing a customer engagement qualification you will learn all the of the necessary skills to provide outstanding customer service and also dealing with complex or challenging customer service situations. In this course you will learn to communicate through various communication channels, increase your typing speed, record customer information, deal with difficult customers and much more.

Business (Records & Information Management)

With this certificate you will learn how to organise and control workplace records and systems. Specifically designed for individuals seeking a career in managing information fora business. You will learn aspects of records management systems, record controls, communication, teamwork, and critical thinking skills.

Business (Medical Administration)

If you are looking to work in the administration field as a Medical Receptionist, this specifically designed certificate is the right fit. The certificate is for anyone looking to start in the healthcare industry. Topics covered include medical terminology, patient records, and much more.

Leadership and management

This qualification relates to individuals that are working to develop as leaders and managers in a variety of businesses. Individuals completing this program can expect to learn about improving personal performance, as well as providing leadership an guidance to support others. They can also expect to learn the fundamentals of business responsibility, implementing health and safety processes, and emotional intelligence.


By completing a cleaning qualification you will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to support most industries. Our qualification covers the responsibilities of cleaners, including routine and non-routine tasks, working with clients, and operating a range of tools in varying environments.


This qualification reflects the role of individuals who have the primary responsibility of engaging the customer, maintaining daily store operations and delivering on organisational expectations. They have sound knowledge of product and service offerings. The qualification provides a pathway to work in a diverse range of retail settings including specialty retailers, supermarkets, department stores and quick service restaurants.

Supply chain operations

This course offers an insight into the importance of accurate inventory and logistical data throughout all stages of the supply chain as well as the vital role of preparation and distribution of goods. Focusing on small or large enterprise, students receive a thorough insight into how an efficient supply chain operation works, and how they can help an organisation to maintain schedules and avoid supply issues.

Community services

This qualification reflects the role of entry level community services workers who support individuals through the provision of person-centred services. Work may include day-to-day support of individuals in community settings or support the implementation of specific community-based programs.

Workplace skills

This qualification reflects the role of individuals in a variety of entry-level Business Services job roles, and suitable for those that have not yet entered the workforce and are developing the necessary skills in preparation for work.

These individuals carry out a range of basic procedural, clerical, administrative or operational tasks that require self-management and technology skills. They perform a range of mainly routine tasks using limited practical skills and fundamental operational knowledge in a defined context. Individuals in these roles generally work under direct supervision.