BSBWOR301 – Assessment Activity Copy

BSBWOR301 – Assessment Activity Copy


Resources required to undertake this assessment

You must have access to the following resources for assessment:

-Pen and paper for note-taking (if required)
-Access to a working computer connected to the internet
-Acrobat PDF reader (preferred)

Assessment instructions

Students should respond to the formative and summative assessments either in writing or as agreed with the trainer/assessor. There should be sufficient space to record answers, however, if preferred you may wish to submit your responses in written via document upload to clearly documenting your name, student login (email address) and the title of this unit of competency (as above).

If students answers are not sufficient, or if an assessor would like to determine if the work is your own, we may conduct a verbal assessment from one of Key Institute’s assessors. The assessor should record the students answers in detail.

Students must fully understand what is required of them to perform to complete these assessments successfully, by selecting the start quiz button the student agrees.

Performance standards

To receive a satisfactory result for the assessments, students must complete all activities/questions, and nominated tasks by the assessor to the required standard.

Completion of all tasks to a satisfactory level will contribute to a final assessment of competence.

If deemed as not satisfactory, students have the ability to resubmit a maximum of 100 times.


I declare that:

-The assessment requirements have been clearly explained to me
-All the work completed towards assessment will be my own
-Cheating and plagiarism are unacceptable
-I know that I can appeal my results