CPPCLO3003 – Assessment Activity Copy

CPPCLO3003 – Assessment Activity Copy


CPPCLO3003 Clean using safe work practices – Assessment Activity

The following activity will be a part of your final assessment. In order to be marked as competent and show your understanding of this unit, you will need to successfully complete this activity.

Make sure when completing the assessment that you have read all the learning material (including additional resources below).

If you require assistance please feel free to contact our support team on 1300 471 660.


Hi Sam,

Welcome back!

We have an expectation that you have read and understood our approach to safety here at the company. It is important to everyone that we act with safety first and always. As such, I have a couple of questions for you. Hopefully you have read and understood any relevant information during your induction.

Resources (click links):

After this I would like to take a short tour of your work area and understand your approach to safety further.