BSBFLM303 – Summary

BSBFLM303 – Summary


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We have covered several aspects of work performance; however, they have all been related to a single theme. That theme is making a positive contribution to your workplace, and the working relationships you are in.

Given the nature of work, an understanding of human nature and how you can work to provide others with assistance in undertaking their work can make you a positive force in your organisation. We have looked at a range of ways that you can contribute to effective working relationships, including:

  • Providing others with relevant and useful information.
  • Building trust and confidence in your abilities.
  • Building networks in your organisation and using them to their advantage.
  • Reviewing your and other’s performance and working to improve them.
  • Undergoing professional development.
  • Dealing effectively with conflict.

All these methods are crucial to you being an effective manager or employee in a modern organisation and making a positive contribution to the relationships you have in the workplace.