BSBSUS401 – Summary Copy

BSBSUS401 – Summary Copy


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An EMS is chosen by many organisations as an important step in the development of a management structure that works towards sustainability and environmental protection. Such a system is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, and arguably most importantly, an EMS may provide definite financial rewards. Once baseline performance is established an organisation may find that measures put in place to minimise waste and energy use provide considerable savings to the organisation.

Some of the tools that are utilised in an EMS can also provide insights into where production can become more efficient. These may range from sourcing supplies from a new source through to how the waste can be reused as a by-product. Such efficiencies can allow an EMS to pay dividends.

One major trend that has emerged in the new century is the greening of society. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the problems this planet is facing and are demanding that companies become environmentally aware. An EMS will provide sales and marketing staff with information regarding the organisation’s environmental use that they can reliably use without fear of being wrong.

An EMS can finally be used to provide a means of demonstrating legal compliance. This can minimise the risk of liability for fines, cleanup costs and other enforcement action that may be given.