BSBWOR301 – Summary Copy

BSBWOR301 – Summary Copy


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This unit of competency has covered quite a broad range of topics, however they all come together to look at efficiency. Efficiency is your ability to do the tasks that you are asked to do in a timely manner, and to the required quality. An efficient worker is able to reach their work goals, schedule their work effectively, and complete it on time.

In order to be effective and efficient, it is important to know how to schedule your work. I am sure that you have many, many tasks that you are required to undertake during a typical day. Therefore, knowing how to schedule your work so that the most important work is completed first, is vital.

Self-assessment is also a vital skill in becoming efficient. As much as we would like to think we are perfect, it is likely that we all have areas where we feel that we could make some form of improvement. Being able to critically assess ourselves and think of ways in which we could improve ourselves will lead to improvements in our skills and ultimately our workplace performance.