SIRRINV001 – Accept stock delivery

SIRRINV001 – Accept stock delivery


Element 2 – Accept stock delivery

2.1 – Check incoming stock quantities against order documentation

Checking incoming stock against order documents

Upon receiving purchased goods – or even services – from a supplier, it is important to check that the correct quantity and quality of stock has been delivered. To this end, the first thing you should check is the ‘packing slip’ or order document.

For professional purposes, it also helps to complete a ‘receiving report’.

A receiving report should include:

  • The date the material was received or the service was performed
  • Whether the delivery was on time
  • The quantity of goods received and whether any discrepancies exist when compared with the order
  • Whether the quality of the goods meets specifications
  • The names of the personnel who performed the checks.

A receiving report can be a great help to your organisation’s accountants when it comes to maintaining accurate records and paying the bills.

The thoroughness of the check you undertake will depend upon how many items are involved in the delivery, and how important the contents of the delivery are. If there are many packages, and there are many items in each package to count, complete checks could be a time consuming process. In such cases, it might be better to use sampling to establish the quantity received, which means checking a few different packages and then applying the findings to the overall delivery.

For sampling, you may choose to test the packages by weight or physical dimensions – these can give a fairly accurate estimate of the overall quantity. However you choose to check the delivery, you should make a note of your methods in the receiving report.